23 May 2006

Here's a full fledged post...

The last few posts have been mobile posts, given that I have been waiting for a BART train various times...and had nothing better to do.

Except for the fire alarm at the rental car center after arriving safely via air, and the rental car running on E, we got settled into the lovely Berkeley apartment, went shopping, and subsequently had a nice weekend with relatives in Nicasio and seeing some lovely Moose Boats.

Came back to Berkeley yesterday (Mon) to finish settling in and see friends in San Francisco. Then taking mom back to the airport, and me barting back.

Today (Tues) has been relatively uneventful, although I did meet with my SpaceShare cohort to discuss our current work. At the moment, that involves sorting through a long list of contacts and a messy ZIP archive to get a good group of contacts and allies for ride sharing to events. Afterwards, we took a long walk around Berkeley to get acquainted to the area.

About my apartment--nothing special, but the roommate will be going down to So. Cal. for a month so I'll have the place to myself for a while. Did have a grease fire in the oven this evening while cooking a frozen pizza -- s'pose that it rarely gets used around here. So that's why this eve I barted over to Target to grab some oven cleaner among other things...

Hopefully tomorrow my cohort and I will visit prospective offices for our summer internship work. More updates coming later in the week!


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