18 June 2006

Finally Updating!

Hi folks,

I've finally gotten to updating! I just spent a weekend up in Nicasio with family and at the Moose Boats "factory" in Petaluma. Took a nice little boat ride too. I was also up with the family there over Memorial Day weekend and had a good time; we took a long ride up the California coast on Highway 1 up north almost as far as Fort Bragg and Mendocino. Found a nice beach, visited a winery afterwards, and then visited some other friends for dinner while I drove the Hummer home (as designated driver)...

Weather has been pretty nice here in CA. Warm this weekend, other times varied. But generally sunny here.

Work at SpaceShare has been good. Recently I've been doing lots of work with outreach to like-minded environmental organizations and creating and edit documents for this type of outreach. These associations inlclude peace activism groups, alternative transportation alliances, music festival aggregators, among others. It has been quite an internship, very interesting. We're still working at the boss' house on the Berkeley-Oakland border, which is about 1.5 mi/2 km from my place in Berkeley (more below).

I've been working quite a bit with Mary from Vermont, by study she's a journalist from VT (and never out before to the west coast). On our first week here, I took her to SF and we "collaboratively" visited the Ferry Building, shopping area including Apple Store and Virgin Megastore, Fisherman's Wharf, and anything else along that route pretty much...it's nice to know be with some other people around here.

This Thursday the roomate comes back (that phrase isn't trying to make this sound like a bad thing...) as I have had the apt. here in Berkeley to myself. It's been great living here...three blocks from almost everything (BART subway station, grocery stores, coffee shops, downtown Berkeley, etc.). Berkeley is definitely more "left" than Ann Arbor, but not a total shock, and not that different. Oddly enough, I've been busy checking stuff out around here, family, friends in SF, and work related that I haven't even explored the Berkeley campus yet. Plans are in the works for that this coming weekend.

Another big story is I had to buy a new laptop (well, maybe not had to) after my Dell 3-year old machine fell with its case to the ground and its cooling fan broke. The machine still runs okay, but I'm scared to use it for long periods of time. So I BARTed to the Apple store in Emeryville and bought the new MacBook from Apple -- bluetooth, built-in camera, the works pretty much. So much good software included; I just need to eventually upgrade the RAM to 1GB (it's at 512MB and a tad slow; my Dell was recently upgraded to 1GB.)

I think that's most of the news...parents coming in week from this Tuesday. Hopefully I can update this thing on a weekly basis while I'm here for the rest of the summer. Oh, and yes, more importantly -- some photos are up (unedited and unrotated) but you can find them with the link on the right or here.


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