20 July 2006

Subject: AirAlert - Spare the Air and Spa
Spare The Air Friday July 21 - Free Commutes

16 July 2006

Subject: AirAlert - Spare the Air and Spa
Spare The Air Monday, July 17 - Free Commutes

15 July 2006

A bit more on SpaceShare...

Oh, I didn't mention that my work moved to San Francisco a week or so ago in the Civic Center district of San Francisco. Working in a nice place with other "socially responsible" enterprises...

You can also see one of the "marketing" PDFs we are using to ally with other organizations.

14 July 2006

Mid-July update

I'm watching three squirrels outside the windows...then all of a sudden the UPS guy shows up...

Okay, back to writing this entry. I think I last left off talking about how my parents would be here in a week or so. Well, of course that happened and we had a great time. Pictures have been updated (old links will no longer work, but the one on the right side of the page does however); I'll explain a few things we did below.

Went to a Sake factory on one of the first days here with them in Berkeley. Next day, left for Napa Valley and Wine Country and arrived at the Fleck's for the evening and the rest of weekend. Went out on Moose Boat over the weekend to a nice spot in the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta where it was hot, but enjoyed swimming and the food. Later in the weekend also visted San Francisco (again!) and the Modern Art Museum (SFMOMA) as well expolred Chinatown. Overall an enjoyable time. We also enjoyed time with the other Smith's from Washington state who were down with us at the same time.

I've seen some good movies lately, including Cars, Superman Returns, Who Killed the Electric Car?, An Inconvenient Truth, among a few others. Having digital cable here at the place I'm staying also allows for many other entertainment choices nightly...

Of course, after that family stint, I'm back to work. Trying to get other organizations to take advantage of SpaceShare's systems through major outreach work, often in phone calls and emails. Good practice talking to people on the phone and kind of doing coold calling to get SpaceShare's name out to allies.

Everything's been going pretty well with my Mac and such... In the next few days, there should also be an update to my iTunes playlist.

I should also note the "roommate" is back (don't ask me why I put it in quotes) but there are no large conflicts -- we mainly just do our own things.

Until the next post...BTW, I return home on July 31.

13 July 2006

BART errors

Hey folks,

Riding BART into SF into our new office daily, I'm noticing more things
(besides the occasional delays due to track/train/etc. problems)...

That includes noticing the "ding" sound from Windows coming from BART
machines, I looked to see if infamous windows error messages could be
found. I encountered a few from the web, but no illegal operations...

Pictures below...

Full "diary" post coming in the next couple of days...guaranteed!