23 October 2006

I'm back...for now!

Most of you know that I don't usually keep my promises on updating websites on time. No exception here. But at least I'm finally posting.

First half of the semester now over (and all the SpaceShare stuff finished at the end of July successfully, even signing up an event to use the system), and one of my minicourses (1 credit) has finished. 7 credits to go until December graduation...not very far away now. I'm busy looking for jobs, and had an interview with Google last week in Sales and Online Operations. We'll see how that goes, but it's one of many possibilities for the future with companies. At least they invited me to play pinball with them this week (no joke).

I've been on a buying spree (well, not quite that much perhaps), partially due to the recent Google checkout promotion ($10 off $30 purchases). A couple new pairs of headphones and headsets. Plus in August came a new 32" Samsung LCD TV. From Meijer came a $75 DVD+/-RW recorder for the TV. Those are the major things...

Hopefully I'll be back here within another month or so to update on my life from my Ann Arbor apartment...but I'm not going to promise anything...


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