04 March 2007

Hello from Mountain View, California

It's been so long since I've written. And so much has changed. I now live in Mountain View, California (same city that Google is located in.) I have a new job with a small Silicon Valley startup as an Advertising Associate (more on what I do below). And this weekend, even though I've been in my apartment for about a month, I have finally finished putting everything together and (generally) in its proper place. The place is generally finished with IKEA furniture (the store is only about 10 minutes away) and it's a small studio, but nevertheless, meets my needs.

For the people who follow my computer habits, I have a new laptop from work as well, so you know the tech startup I work for means business. As I mentioned, I work in advertising at small (so far) Silicon Valley startup.

We allow consumers to get a product by purchasing another product or trying a web based service. Instead of buying it directly from the merchant (which you may not want to do), you can take advantage of an Advertiser's offer and sign up for that. My company gets payment from the advertiser for sending along a lead to them, and then shares that revenue with the merchant. I work on the second half of the equation -- making sure everything with the advertiser part of the equation is in order, and from time to time creating new advertiser offers on our system. That's the best I can explain my work in a nutshell.

Who knows whether it will be lead into a future career direction. Many of you might be asking where my Spanish language skills come in. In reality, the company already has some international advertisers, and they want me to help with both Latin America and Spain. Once that gets into full swing, things should really start getting interesting. And I'll again have more to write.

(Note that as of this writing a lot of the links to other pages on my site are out of date. I hope to be updating that in the next week or so.)