21 February 2008

Hello in 2008

I'm still working (and living) in Mountain View, California (home of Google) at the same startup. I've recently hit my one year anniversary at the company, and we keep growing stronger and stronger. I started early; now we're nearly at 50 employees. From my initial title of Advertising Associate, my duties at the company have become more and more varied. That job title no longer accurately reflects everything I do at my company...I manage Desktop/End-User Technical Support, maintain the telephone PBX system, as well as deal with international advertisers in Australia, Italy, France, Spain, and other countries. And that's a real high level overview of my duties of my busy job! (For that, I really do use my iPhone to keep in touch!)

In fact, our company was recently featured in the New York Times. We've got other good press, including past articles in the Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Chronicle.

My parents also sold their home in Farmington Hills last May in a record 7 days. They soon moved out to California, and are now in the east San Francisco Bay suburb of San Ramon. My mom still continues with tutoring students (though working with less) while my dad substitutes (like before) in the local school district. I'm about 40 miles away from them -- it's a 45 minute jaunt by freeway. As long as I'm not driving during rush hour.

I was back in Michigan last May to help my parents pack up. I haven't been back since. It's especially nice not having to deal with the harsh, snowy, cold, winters. I've heard and read that the Michigan economy, unfortunately, is still having a very trying time. Things aren't perfect in California now either, but I am happy to experience a different economic climate out here.

Over the holidays, however, as a family we went to Vegas (I put in 25 cents and doubled my money) and visited some family we haven't seen in eons in Southern California. Though it was a whirlwind trip, it taught me a drive on I-5 isn't really that exciting and I see why most folks prefer to fly...though it was a good thing to do once. I've still never been cross-country by car...

In terms of my Spanish -- well, I use it a bit at work but not enough to keep it up. I've gotten involved with a local Meetup.com group to initiate conversation hours at a local coffee shop. It's really been a wonderful opportunity in 2008 to meet new people and speak Spanish.

Overall, reflecting over the past year, I've had quite an experience. My first full time job, the first time living out of Michigan for a truly extended period of time, and many other firsts. For those that aren't local, feel free to give me a buzz if you're ever in the area! A belated Happy 2008!


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