13 June 2009

2009 Update

Hope you're all well. It's been over a year since I've updated this site... play around with a few links on the right side of the page, and you'll see I've made a few tweaks/changes -- but nothing overly significant. I did jump on the social network bandwagon (read: Facebook) this year...

I'm still at TrialPay, though now as a full time IT manager. I decided that advertising account management wasn't my thing, and as I saw my company need a dedicated person relating to IT/technical issues, I jumped in. My job responsibilities still fall all over the place -- from procurement (read: ordering) to managing the helpdesk, I keep quite busy. Be sure to take a look at our news section for all the press coverage we've had from major news outlets.

The other major activity I've been more involved in is a local Spanish Conversation Group via Meetup.com. It's a once a week activity that helps me not forget too much Spanish...

My parents are still here in San Ramon (East Bay) and I check in with them on a regular basis. We visited Kau'ai in March of this year (see the Photo Album Viewer linked on the side.) And there's always the occasional trip into SF or Napa, or elsewhere down or up the scenic Highway 1.

On the technology side for me, I still have an iPhone. I did upgrade to the 3G last year, but due to the high upgrade cost this year, I have no plans to get the 3G[S] (someone at my office said that name reminded them of the Apple IIgs.) Nonetheless, in the coming month or so I think I'll upgrade my first generation MacBook to one of the new 15" MacBook Pros. I also got a TiVo earlier this year; that thing is much better than the Comcast DVR ... and cheaper in the long-run!

I'll try to put a few brief posts on the site as the year progresses so I don't procrastinate in providing a full update. I'll probably update the photo album viewer most often... at least I hope to! Happy rest of 2009!


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